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Dale Neef Explains the Importance of the IRA/CHIPS and Science Acts

Riding the Next Wave of Innovation: Understanding the Geopolitics of Emerging Technologies




Dale Neef provides an engaging perspective on how emerging technologies are changing economics, geopolitics and our everyday life.

Dale has held senior roles at IBM and Computer Sciences Corporation, was a Fellow at Ernst & Young’s Center for Business Innovation, and was a technical consultant for the Asian Development Bank.


A veteran facilitator and frequent conference speaker, he has worked with corporate and municipal teams in more than a hundred organizations worldwide, and has taught at a variety of institutions, including Cornell University and the International School of Management in Paris.

He earned his doctorate in Modern Economic History from Cambridge University, was a research fellow at the Russian Research Center at Harvard, and has written or edited eight books on the role of technology in economic development and society.

Enlightened Insights on a Rapidly Changing World...



"...One of the most informative and balanced presentations I’ve ever seen."

"This is the smartest seminar I’ve been to in the last 5 years...and I’ve been to a few.”

"Some of it was mind-blowing. Extremely exciting."

"A 2-hour TED Talk. Cool!

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"Renowned digital expert Dale Neef clearly explains...what Big Data really is, and what's new and different about it..."

     - FT Press


"...Dale Neef has given us the best outline yet of the forces behind this extraordinary change in the world economy, the threats and opportunities we all face, and the prizes that await the winners."


    - Hamish McRae, author, The World in 2020, Associate Editor, The Independent, London

"Once again, Dale Neef combines just the right amounts of theory, academia and practical business experience to write a truly insightful book...

     - James R. Breakey, Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Green Tree Financial Corporation


"Dale Neef provides a penetrating, all-too-rare trans-national perspective which highlights...the historical, social and technological context within which this revolution is taking place....This book is a must-read for anyone actively engaged in global business today."

     - Jon Lowe, Former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor

"The economic dislocations that Dale Neef describes are already taking place, creating the prospect that large segments of our population may not have the skills for sustainable employment in the future. The implications of these events on the social and political fabric of our country give one great pause for reflection and concern.

     - William R. Brody, President, The Johns Hopkins University

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